Camwood One Tawny Cashewnut

28.02.2009 - 21.07.2021

D.o.b:          28.02.2009


HD:              C/C

ED:              0/0

PL:               0/0

Eyes:           PRA, HC, RD free, Gonio latae


Work:          KH-Prüfungen, Eignungsteste,                        Mehrkampf, Rule 2,

                    Dummy Beginners 


Show:          jCAC


Breeder:     A.Gmür- Mautz, Switzerland

Owner:        E. & L. Zuberbühler &

                     A. Gmür- Mautz

Cash has been our gentle friend. Always willing to please, always solid as a rock. You will be alive in our best memories <3