jCh. Rudskog's Dare To Dream

We are very excited to welcome "Fjell"  to our family!  I adore Fjells pedigree. Always loved his mother Gudrun and his Grandfather Bjarne. His Dad Pontus is not only beautiful, but also a super working dog. I'm extremely happy  that we got the chance to have Fjell with us! Finally another liver joining the team! Thank you Eirin for  letting him come to Switzerland!  




D.o.b:          11.03.2020


HD:              A/A

ED:               0/0

PL:                1/1

Eyes:            HC RD PRA free (04/2021)

                     Gonio free (04/2021)


DNA:            bbEE 


Show:          Exc, jCAC, jBOB, jBIG-2, CAC,                            CACIB, BOB, BIG-2


Work:           Sélective B


Breeder:      Eirin & Hans Ole Stenbro, NO

Owner:        L + E Zuberbühler

                     & Y. Zuberbühler


- Swiss Junior Champion

- Alpenjugendsieger-21


WINNER of yearling class at CRUFTS-2022


***Qualified for CRUFTS 2022 & 2023***