Lozung All Eyes On Me

"Flynn" captured my heart with once. He's a charming fellow in all ways and i'm really proud to have him. It's fantastic to count a son of the beautiful "Varvara" to my dogs and I hope he will step in her footprints one day. Thank you so much Olga for your trust. 


D.o.b:            05.07.2014


HD:                 A/A

ED:                 0/0

Eyes:             HC-, RD-, PRA- free (2016)

                      Gonio- fibr.lat. & lam.

                      GR_PRA 1 & 2 Clear by Laboklin


Show:            Best Puppy in Show (Int.Show),                        jCAC, jBOB, CAC, resCACIB


Titles:            RCS Top Puppy Winner- 15


Breeder:       O. Agapova, Russia

Owner:         M. Schneider & Y. Zuberbühler