Rudskog's Swiss Perfection



D.o.b:         06.05.2015


HD:              tbd

ED:              tbd

PL:               tbd

Eyes:          PRA, HC, RD free (2016)

                   Gonio free


Show:         -



Breeder:    E. & H.O. Stenbro, Norway

Owner:       D. Rajtar, A. Gmür- Mautz, 

                    Y. Zuberbühler

Freya ist the result of the lovestory between Norwegian "Gudrun" and Swiss "Mexx". It's so much fun to have a puppy after "Mexx" as I love to show him & I think he has a lot of quality. I hope Freya developes as we wish and look forward to our adventures in and outside the showrings. Thank you Eirin for coming all the way to Switzerland with "Gudrun" to make a dream of mine possible...