CHCH LUXCH DECHVDH                             Rudskog's November Rain


D.o.b:          11.10.2010


HD:              A/A

ED:              0/0

PL:               0/0

Eyes:           PRA, HC, RD free (2018)

                    Gonio free (2018)

DNA:           BBEE


Work:         Wasserretung 1 & BH 1 passed 

Show:         jCAC, CAC, CACIB, BOB


Titles:         - Champion of Switzerland

                   - Champion of Luxembourg

                   - Champion of Germany VDH 


Breeder:    E. & H.O. Stenbro, Norway

Owner:      P. Perrenoud,  A. Lemberger,

                   A. Gmür- Mautz, Y. Zuberbühler

"Noris" was the first male that I have imported to Switzerland. With him we have not only gotten a great dog, but also a my friendship with Eirin has started. i'm very grateful for all that Noris has started <3 

He was a special boy and we will never forget him. Thank you Patricia for giving him the best life <3