C.I.E SEU(U)CH* Slo.Sh.Ch. SLOW- 20 Hannemor's Good Feeling

Since I 've met "Sky's" parents for the first time it was clear for me that I want a puppy if they will ever have pups together. I am so happy that this happend and that I had the chance to get such a lovely boy <3 

Sky is everybody's darling. Who ever mets him wants to keep him :) He has the most typical Flatcoated character, always happy, always willing to please. 




D.o.b:          23.09.2018


HD:               A/A

ED:               0/0

PL:                0/0

Eyes:            PRA, HC, RD free  (01/2021)

                     Gonio free (11/2019)


DNA:            BbEe (carries liver and yellow)


Show:          jCAC , jBOB, CAC, CACIB, BOB,                        BIG            

Breeder:     Hanne Kongsgard Wiik, NO

Owner:       M. Schneider & Y. Zuberbühler



- Slovenian Show Champion

- International Show Champion C.I.E

- Swedish Show Champion (to be approved by SKK)


- Slovenian Winner-20

- Winter Winner-20


- Alpenjugendsieger-19


***Lifetime qualified for CRUFTS***