Judge Reports Tian

Louise Jones, GB:

"Very smart, balanced, typey dog, excellent bone and feet, good long well moulded head and good dark eye, plenty of substance for size. Good reach of neck into adequate shoulders and upper arm, good topline and correct tailset, good strong well angulated hindquarters. I liked his overally racy lines and not being overdone in any way. Moved with drive and purpose and full of enthusiasm."


Vivienne Bowen, GB:

"Lovely elegant dog with super moulded head and kind eye. Neat well set on ears. Good reach of neck into well set on shoulders with pronounced forechest. Good depth of chest and tight ellbows. Nicely ribbed body with level topline and tailset. He has very well muscled hindquarters with moderate bend of stifle, well let down hocks allowing him to move freely around the ring. Stands on good bone and tight feet. Looks lovely standing and moving."


Lena Hägglund, SE:

"Excellent type and size, beautiful head and expression, all over well constructed, with a lot of breed quality, excellent mover from all sides, beautiful coat and presentation"


Henric Fryckstrand, SE:

"Beautiful young boy, full of quality, most attractiv head and expression, lovley eyes, ex. neck which is well set, good front, nice bone and feet, ex. ribcage, super topline and tailset, strong behind, moves with drive and style, lovely coat, presents a very stylish outline and is professionally presented."


Gemma Jacobs, GB: 

"Impressive dog, with excellent one piece molded head, lovely head and expression, good eye shape and color, good ear placement, elegant neck, leading into well constructed forehand, good bone and feet, sufficent depth of body, correct length of loin, well constructed rear quarters with good topine and tailset, his side profile and move is textbook, he moves well fore and aft, in excellent coat and condition and well handled"


Jan Egginton, GB: 

"Excellent type, classical head with dark eye, head well filled, balance dog, with level topline, well layed shoulder with corresponding upperam, good depth of chest, moderate bend of stifle with good second thigh, excellent tailset, excellent feet, moved very well, in beautiful coat and condtion."


Jim Richardson, GB:

"This one excels on the move, he is so stylish and effortless, presented in tip top condition, would prefer his head to be slightly more masculine, exc. forehand construction, firm well muscled body, strong hindquarters, exc. head and tail carriage, just quality from nose to tail, a worthy champion"