IntCh CIE&CIB ITCH SEU(U)CH CHCH CHSCH CHCH RCS DECH VDH*JEUW-17 LUXJCH DEJCH VDH & DRC ATJCH ALPJCH CHJCH UAJCH                                                                  Almanza Secret Of Success

"Tian" is really everything I could wish for! He is really really close to my ideal of a perfect Flatcoat. I love his gentle character, his neverending will to please and of course how he looks. He definitely is a once in a lifetime dog! I can't wait to all the adventures we're still having ahead of us  <3

D.o.b:     24.03.2016


HD:         A/A

ED:         0/0

PL:          0/0

Eyes:      PRA, HC, RD free (06/2021)

               Gonio free (06/2020)

DNA:      BBEE


Show:     BOB Baby, BOB Puppy, jCAC,                          BIS-Junior, CAC, resCACIB,                              BOS, BOB, BIG-2, BIG-3,                                     resBISS, BISS

                RCS TOP DOG-18-19

                Lifetime qualified for CRUFTS

                JUNIOR EUROPEAN WINNER-17


Work:     BLP/ Epreuve B/ Mock Trial Novice

               WT Beginner/ WT Novice / FTf 

               Trialer à la Francaise ('20 non-                       homologated), Field Trial Winner                   (a la Francaise) with CACT


Breeder:  R. Ulin & S. Karlström, Sweden

Owner:    M. Schneider & Y. Zuberbühler


                  - International Show Champion (CIE)

                  - International Champion (CIB)

                  - Italian Champion

                  - Swedish Show Champion

                  - Swiss Champion

                  - Swiss Show Champion

                  - Swiss Champion RCS

                  - German Champion VDH*



             !! RCS TOP FLATCOATED RETRIEVER -2018 !!

             !! RCS TOP FLATCOATED RETRIEVER -2019 !!



                  - Alpensieger-19

                  - DRC Clubsieger-19


                  - res (Nr.4) in yearling class at Crufts-2018

                  - vhc (Nr. 5) special working class at Crufts-2020

                  - UK Stud Book Number = lifetime CRUFTS qualification


                  - BEST IN SHOW at RCS Clubshow Olten 2018

                  - BEST IN SHOW at DOG SHOW PROJECT Münsingen 2019 

                  - BEST IN SHOW at DRC SRA Wenden 2019

                  - BEST IN SHOW at DOG SHOW PROJECT Fehraltorf, 2020

                  - BEST IN SHOW at RCI Raduno dell Anno Cesena 2021


                  - RESERVE BEST IN SHOW at RCS Clubshow Burgdorf 2018 

                  - RESERVE BEST IN SHOW at RCS Show la Romandie Payern 2019    


                 - BEST GUNDOG IN SHOW at RCS Clubshow Olten 2019

                 - BEST GUNDOG IN SHOW at DOG SHOW PROJECT Fehraltdorf 2020



                  - Luxembourg Junior Champion

                  - German Junior Champion VDH

                  - German Junior Champion DRC

                  - Austrian Junior Champion

                  - Alpen Junior Champion

                  - Swiss Junior Champion

                  - Ukranian Junior Champion


              !! JUNIOR EUROPEAN WINNER - 17 !!


                  - Alpenjugendsieger-17 (3x)

                  - VDH Europajugendsieger-17

                  - VDH Frühjahrsjugendsieger-17