Show Results Tian

Rune Fagerström, FI:

"Lovely size, very balanced overall, a real showman his tail wags all the time as a Flat

should do. Good shape of the head, lovely expression, well set ears. Beautiful neck well laid to the shoulders. Good forechest, correct shape of the rib cage. Excellent front legs, strong loin, well angulated rear, excellent bone, lovely tight feet. Excellent mover well presented."


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Date Show Class Result Judge
19.05.2023 EDS Herning, DK Working Exc1, ck Jose Doval, SP
23.04.2023 Montricher, CH Working Exc1, CAC, BOB-Working, BIS Working Sandrine Welele
03.03.2023 CRUFTS 2023, UK special working gundog 1st Louise Jones, UK
11.12.2022 RCS Clubshow Olten, CH Working Exc2, resCAC Victoria Goldberg, GB
18.09.2022 Darlington Championship Show, UK Open 1st, CC, BOS Jan Egginton, GB
27.08.2022 DRK Racespecialen, DK Working Exc1, CK, BM-1, CERT = NEW DKCH, BOB-Working, BOS Gill Smitherman, UK
13.08.2022 Nordic Dog Show Ronneby, SE Working Exc1, CK, BM-2, res.Nordic Cert Vesa Lehtonen, FI
04.06.2022 CACS Chalon-en-Champagen, FR Working Exc1, CAC, BOS  Zeferino Silva, PT
22.05.2022 Dog Show Project, CH Working Exc1, CAC, BOB WORKING, BIS WORKING Gudrun Brunnström, SE
24.04.2022 WELKS, UK Open 1st Gemma Jacobs, GB
16.04.2022 Flatcoated Retriever Club of Scotland Open res (4th) Helen Fox, GB
10.04.2022 CACIB Limoges, FR Working Exc1, CAC, resCACIB Jan Roger Sauge, NO
09.04.2022 CAC Limoges, FR Working Exc1, resCAC Rui Martins, PT
13.03.2022 CRUFTS 2022, GB special working gundog 1st Viv Bowen, GB
12.12.2021 RCS Clubshow Olten, CH Working Exc1, BEST OF BREED, BEST IN SHOW, BISS-GUNDOG Anette Nielsen, DK
12.09.2021 RCI Raduno dell Anno Cesena, IT Chkl. Exc1, BEST OF BREED, BEST IN SHOW Lena Hägglund, SE
11.09.2021 RCI Raduno Cesena, IT Chkl. Exc1, BEST OF BREED, BISS-3 Marjo Jaakkola, FI
05.09.2021 Championat de France, Dijon Working Exc2 Kathy Moores, IRL
04.09.2021 Championat de France, Dijon Working Exc1, CAC, BOS Marc Valloise, FR
19.09.2020 Dog Show Project Fehraltdorf, CH Working Exc1, CAC, BOB-Gundog, BOB, BISS Jan-Erik Ek, SE
06.03.2020 CRUFTS, GB Special Working VHC G.Lambert, GB
07.12.2019 RCS Clubshow Olten, CH Working Exc1, CAC, BOB, BISS-GUNDOG L. Hägglund, SE
16.11.2019 CACIB Geneva II, CH Okl. Exc2, resCAC, resCACIB R. Fagerström, FI
15.11.2019 CACIB Geneva I, CH Okl. Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB E. Paulsen, DK
15.11.2019 CAC Geneva, CH Okl. Exc1, CAC, BOB M. Gruber, CH
13.10.2019 La Romandie, Payern, CH Chkl. Exc1, CAC, BOB, resBISS V. Bowen, GB
15.09.2019 DRC SRA Wenden, DE Chkl. Exc1, CAC, BOB, BISS Jim Richardson, GB
14.09.2019 DRC Clubshow Wenden. DE Chkl. Exc1, CAC, BOB = DECH VDH Sjoerd Jobse, SE
14.07.2019 CACIB Nürnberg, DE Chkl. Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Alpensieger-19 = CIE* Claudia Berchtold, AT
06.07.2019 Nat. d'Elvage Tanlay, FR Chkl. Exc1 Cathrin Collins, UK
30.06.2019 CACIB Aarau Chkl. Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOS Kjell Svensson, SE
29.06.2019 CAC Aarau, CH Chkl. Exc2, resCAC Francesco Cocchetti, IT
29.06.2019 CACIB Aarau, CH Chkl. Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-2 = CHCH CHSCH CHCCH* Ann Ingram, IRL
12.05.2019 National Dogshow Birmingham, GB Open 3rd Vicky Davies, GB
17.03.2019 Dog Show Project Münsingen, CH Chkl. Exc1, CAC, BOB, BISS Gemma Jacobs, GB
04.01.2019 Boston Championship Show, GB Open res. Mike Lewin, GB
09.12.2018 Clubshow Olten, CH Okl. Exc1, CAC, BOB, BISS David Hutchinson, GB
17.11.2018 Norwegian Winner Show, Lilleström, NO Okl. Exc Sven Slettedal
16.11.2018 Nordic Winner Show, Lilleström, NO Chkl. Exc Sarah Whittacker, GB
26.08.2018 RCS Chlubshow Burgdorf, CH Okl. Exc1, CAC, BOB, ResBISS Per Iversen, NO
04.08.18 CACIB Kreuzlingen, CH Okl. Exc1, CAC Verena Neuenburger, CH
30.06.18 SKK Nat. Show Alfta, SE Okl. Exc1, CK, Best Male-3, Cert = SEU(U)CH* Henric Fryckstrand, SE
23.06.18 Argovia Winner Aarau, CH Okl Exc1, CAC, BOB, BIG2, Argovia-Winner-18 M.Gruber, CH
23.06.18 CACIB Aarau, CH Okl Exc2, resCAC  G.Wonisch, AT 
17.06.18 Raduno Milano, IT Okl. Exc1, CAC = ITCh* H.Lehkonen, FI
16.06.18 ENCI Winner Milano, IT Okl. Exc1, CAC, resCACIB M.Armstrong, GB
15.06.18 CACIB Milano, IT Okl. Exc1, CAC, resCACIB L.Catalan, PT
01.04.18 FCRS Ch.Show Malvern, GB Open  2nd = Studbook Number = Lifetime Qualified for CRUFTS L.Jones, GB
18.03.18 Dog Show Project Münsingen, CH OK Exc1, CAC, BOS J.Egginton, GB
11.03.18 CRUFTS, GB Yearling res (4th) R.Strudwick, GB
03.03.18 IHA Graz, AT ZK Exc1, CAC B. van Maren, NL
27.01.18 DRC Herrenberg ZK Exc1, CAC R. Niemelä, FI
21.01.18 Ch.Show Manchester, GB Yearling 1st P.Iversen, NO
03.12.17 IHA Wels, AT ZK Exc2, resCAC C.Hankook, IRL
02.12.17 IHA Wels, AT ZK Exc1, CAC, resCACIB R.Strudwick, GB
19.11.17 CACIB Genf, CH ZK VG3 D.Ericson, SE
18.11.17 CACIB Genf, CH ZK Exc2, resCAC O.Belkis, TUR
17.11.17 CACIB Genf, CH ZK Exc2, resCAC, resCACIB L.Volakinkova, SL
09.11.17 World Dog Show Leipzig, DE ZK Exc3 A.McKiernan, IRL
08.11.17 German Winner Leipzig ZK Exc1, CAC S.Ylä-Mononen, FI
16.09.17 DRC Winnenden, DE JKL Exc1, jCAC = DEJCH DRC A.Stepinski, PL
26.08.17 European Dogshow Kiev, UA JKL Exc1, jCAC = JEUW-17 & UAJCH A.Stepinski, PL
25.08.17 CAC Kiev, UA ZKL Exc2, resCAC D.Santos, PHI
24.08.17 CACIB Kiev, UA ZKL Exc1, CAC P.Iversen, NO
20.08.17 IHA Innsbruck, AT ZKL Exc1, CAC, resCACIB C.Atkinson, GB
05.08.17 CACIB Kreuzlingen, CH JKL Exc1, jCAC, jBOB = CHjCH & ALPjCH K.Nieminen, FI
23.07.17 RCL Clubshow, LUX ZKL Exc1, CAC H.Jokisilta, FI
25.06.17 CACIB Aarau, CH JKL Exc1, jCAC, BOB, BIG-3, BIS-Junior H.Fryckstrand, SE
24.06.17 CACIB Aarau, CH JKL Exc1, jCAC, BOB, BIS-3-Junior S. Jobse, SE
11.06.17 IHA Klagenfurt, AT JKL Exc1, jCAC, JB = ATjCH M. Tomasic, SL
10.06.17 IHA Klagenfurt, AT JKL Exc1, jCAC, JB J. Monscavoir, FR
20.05.17 CACIB Dortmund, DE JKL Exc1, jCAC, jBOB, BOS, VDH-Frühjahrsjugendsieger-17 = DEjChVDH A.B. Waskaas, NO
19.05.17 VDH Europasieger Dortmund, DE JKL Exc1, jCAC, jBOB F. Kane, GB
09.04.17 CACIB Luxembourg JKL Exc1, jCAC = LUXjCH B. Matakovic, HR
04.03.17 IHA Graz, AT JKL Exc1, jCAC B. Märki-Casanova, CH
28.01.17 DRC Herrenberg, DE JKL Exc2, resjCAC M.Jaakola, FI
07.01.17 CACIB Nürnberg, DE JKL Exc1, jCAC, jBOB A.Pusch, DE
20.11.16 CACIB Genf, CH JÜKL VP1, Puppy BOB M.Schär, CH
19.11.16 CACIB Genf, CH JÜKL VP1, Puppy BOB S.Schär, CH
25.09.16 CAC Avenches, CH JÜKL VP2 M.Gruber, CH
21.08.16 RCS Clubshow Burgdorf, CH WEKL VP1, BOB Baby B.Lundgren, SE